lyoto vs hoger

sounds like lyoto really dominated

Sam Hoger (Pictures) vs. Ryoto Machida (Pictures)
Round 1
Ryoto dropped Hoger three times in the round with the same technique; countering a lazy Hoger kick with a stright punch to the chin. With about 1:40 left in the round, Ryoto scored a body lock takedown. Hoger landed a few shots in the round and went for an ankle lock but the first frame goes to Machida, 10-9.

Round 2
Again Ryoto drops Hoger after catching a lazy low kick. Ryoto does some damage in Hoger's guard. Hoger takes several shots while trying to escape to his feet. Hoger hooks a leg and attempts a submission but Ryoto punishes him for it. Ryoto lands two knees to the chin of Hoger. Hoger falls down and Ryoto enters his guard. he lands some punches and moves to mount before laying a beating on Hoger. The round ends. 10-8 for Machida.

Round 3
Ryoto lands another left straight. He follows with some kicks to the body. Ryoto scores another takedown and mounts. Hoger escapes to his feet but eats more punishment. Ryoto roughing him up with kicks to the body and a straight, snapping left. Hoger is showing lots of heart but he is being outclassed. Ryoto punctuates the fight with a big left hand as the horn sounds to end the final round. 10-9 for Machida. All three judges score the fight 30-27 for Machida.

lyoto vs tito is the next logical step up the ladder

sounds like he took a beating

Machida looked a lot sharper on the feet in this fight. Against Bonnar
and Franklin he had a very unorthodox stance, and seemed to paw
more than punch down the pipe. At one point Lyoto put together a sick
combo with flying knee, accurate punches then two more knees to the
head that dropped Hogar. I'm not sure what it would take to KO the
Alaskan Assassin, dudes chin is Fujita-esque. Machida looked like a
star for sure.