Lyoto will shut down Sokodjou

I like Sokodjou's balls the wall style but Lyoto will shut it down and win by decision

GSP will stop Hughes again, TKO.

oh right and Wand will beat Chack by TKO!!!

I have the exact same pick Hubris....

glad to see we are on the same side jujubre...

i fear this, but hope it doesnt hAppen

i too think that Ryoto's tecnical savvy will give Sokoujou fits.

I don't think so. Sok by overwhelming force in 1st round, maybe 2nd, KO or TKO.

I want Soko to win, but I fear we may see something different from Machida when Terry just runs him down.

"I like Sokodjou's balls"

Its possible but i think Sok's style will also test Machida as well.

This is a big test for both guys. Looking forward to this one.

damn you Chack....

Wand never die