Lytes Out Career DEEP Dive "Fabiano Iha "


What a fight. Clash of styles!

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Iha was waaay ahead of his time

I believe that Genki Sudo was inspired by Iha

Just listened. Loved it. Although not the first time it has come up, the difference between Vitor’s confidence and his ability is so interesting.

Also, “I had a gift, it was the armbar”.

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Vitors problems were so difficult for the “powers that be” to deal with that they had a meeting in order to figure out who to send with him to fights

Someone to keep his mentality strong and his want/willingness to fight high

They chose Draculino

If you have not listened to that interview, I high key recommend it; you will know exactly why they chose him to mentor Vitor Belfort


Earilly similar to frank trigg vs robbie lawler!

Draculino is a guy I hadn’t heard of until recently, and he seems intriguing just from the BJJ coaching/instructing/strategy side of things (the only footage I’ve seen is him as a coach/instructor sharing some technique). But those videos give some hints into where he learned/trained/etc. Another tidbit for the file, here, that he was Vitor’s mentor for a time.


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