Lytle beats 43-8 JJ Corn

Chris "Lights Out" Lytle defeated former WBO Title Challenger J.J. Corn (43 wins 8 losses), on an 8 rd. decision in Hinckley, Minnesota, Saturday night. Lytle won every round of the 8 round bout. Chris is now 10-1-1 with 6 ko's.

Lytle also has a win over the impressive Reggie Strickland.

So do quite a few world champions.

You do know he has lost 250 plus times right.

For those of you who are wondering about BEE, please refer to these websites:

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BTW, a big-up for Keith and Chris!!!

I just respect the fact that Lytle fights pro boxing. He doesn't fight tough guys (yet) but hey, he's an unattached fighter (no big time promoter) with what, 12 fights? How many MMA guys could even last against the 5-8 boxers Lytle is beating? Very few.