Lytle V Spratt

37 sec rd. 1 rear naked choke!


Lytle choked out Spratt, I meant!

C'mon UFC bring him back!


Lytle is the man guys..... c'mon. What's the guy gotta do to get some respect? UFC UFC UFC UFC UFC UFC UFC UFC ....


Tough one for Pete. Props to Lytle for the big win though.

Lytle vs Gerald Strebent!

Lytle V any of them.....

Keith Wisnewski should be there too BYW :)


Congrats to Lytle...I never doubted him.


Lytle is a tough fighter whos obviously dangerous in all aspects of the game.

I enjoyed Lytle's performance at UFC 45, and wouldn't mind seeing him in the big show again.

Got a desciption of the fight, Shelby?

Lytle hit Pete with a left hook, well, Petes chin is like STEEL... he threw a kick at Lytle, he caught his leg, took him down and got his back....


Ever since I saw him vs Newton.I've been saying Spratts ground needs LOTS of work.Lawler wanted to win cool.He should have just won.
I should add that if spratt took a year off and pounded groundwork like crazy he'd be a nightmare.But right now his sub defense is killing him.