M-1 Interesting Bouts...

I know there are a lot of potential bouts and matches that don't ultimately happen, but I found this card and a few of these matches sounded really good... Especially Vigneault vs. Suloev! This would have been over a year and a few months ago and it would have been a great war between two great kickboxer/strikers.... I wounder what happened? St. Pierre probably passed it up to go to the UFC which is understandable...
I wonder what other great match-ups in the past "could have been"?

August 10, 2003

The provisional lineup of the next edition of M-1 MFC is out. The card features some top fighters from the UCC/TKO promotion against top Russian fighters. Also a rematch between Andrei Semenov and Ivan Salaverry is on the card. So far there is no word on whether Ibragim Magomedov will make an appearance. The card is subject to change and as usual the show will start off with some preliminary bouts.
Date of event: 11th October 2003
Place of event: Moscow, Russia
Vanue: Lujniki Sports Hall

Name: Georges St.Pierre
Weight: 77,0 kg
Style: BJJ
Country: Canada


Name: Musail Alaudinov
Weight: 76,6 kg
Style: Mix-Fight
Country: Russia
Team: Red Devil FT

Name: Ivan Slaverry
Weight: 85,0 kg
Style: Pancrase
Country: USA
Team: AMC Pankration


Name: Andrei Semenov
Weight: 84,5 kg
Style: Mix-Fight
Country: Russia
Team: Red Devil FT

Name: Steve Vigneault
Weight: 86,4 kg
Style: Kickboxing, boxing
Country: Canada


Name: Amar Suloev
Weight: 86,9 kg
Style: Mix-Fight
Country: Russia
Team: Red Devil FT

Red Devil has some good fighters.

I think Steve needs a rest. Great guy..tough as nails but needs to reclimb.


what other match ups you ask?

Me vs. you!

I`m working on my boxing, my defense is impregnable.

Two words, Dan. Ankle lock.

Two more words...coller bone



"dantheman: my defense is impregnable."

Dan, you're a guy. You can't get pregnant anyway!

I will fight Dan anytime and anywhere.....I got screwed by the judges last time.


...there were NO judges!


Technically, it was sort of a "Rollerball" situation where the "organizers" of the event (a certain Brazilian who is quite scary in speedos, how come there aren't pictures of that on his website? ha ha) were changing the rules during the match...
There were NO judges, but there was a MOST UNSCRUPULOUS timekeeper who kept Canario from getting the armbar on three occasions...
5 minute rounds, 3 minute rounds, 2:47 minute rounds, the decision went to DantheMan... Enough said....
Canario needed a better corner to keep an eye on the rule situation... His corner ***ked him...


one word. dictionary. this is how you spell
"collar bone"


btw, My rope escapes are legal. Haven't any of you so called MMA fans watched Pancrase? See the Frank Shamrock and Goes fight and report back to me.

I'm still the Grand Row Grappling Champ.

Hide your ankles... all of you.

How dare these Paul and Canario challenge me with their primitive skills? It makes me angry. They're just as good as dead. My style is impetuous, praise be to Allah. I'm gonna eat their children.


You gonna take that from him Canario? Maybe I need you to fight both J.T. and Danny on my treehouse of death card.

What are you doing up at 2:12am? Way past the bedtime for old men... ha ha

I like the idea of a "Too Hot To Handle" contest between DantheMan and Canario: one round of boxing, one round of kickboxing and one round of mma....

Canario's standup is infamous! Those wrestlers always come into a fight looking to punch, just look at the Olympic qualifier they had in St. Catharines...

I just got back from the hospital. Can't sleep. Going over these rash guard costs trying desperately to figure out how to get them made up. So far it's not working.

If I have Canario fight J.T. in DTOD event then it'll be hard to have him fight Danny too. We need a new opponent for Danny.

lol...we nedd a spell check feeture on this syte :)

good luck ,