M-1 Press Release: Vadim Statement

I know most of us don't know exactly what M-1 does. One thing they do very well is send out press releases. Their p.r. guy Jacob Schaap sends stuff out daily. I just got this one about 40 minutes ago.

...and sorry (and disregard) if this has already been posted, discussed, blah, blah. I'm just acting as messenger here.

Due to a large amount of media requests, M-1 Global Co-Owner and President Vadim Finkelchtein has released the following statement in response to questions regarding an update on the status of contract talks between Fedor Emelianenko and the Ultimate Fighting Championship.



"There have been recent reports stating that talk between M-1 Global and the UFC regarding Fedor fighting in the UFC have ended. Like some of the other reports that have surfaced, this is incorrect.

"It is unfortunate that so much incorrect information has been leaked to the public. It is M-1's preference not to negotiate in public and we are unsure why people claim that Fedor and M-1 turned down a six fight, $30 million contract to fight in the UFC when no such offer was ever made.

"Even though Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White did not meet with Fedor in person on Tuesday, they were represented over the phone. Outside of representatives of the UFC and M-1, no other company was represented during our negotiations. Since we did not go to the media with details of the meeting and only responded to the erroneous reports, we are unsure how these reports started.

"It's unfortunate because these type of tactics will not help ensure that M-1's talks with the UFC are fruitful. M-1 Global is still interested in continuing to negotiate with the UFC and while we are fielding offers from other major promotions, nothing has been decided. It is our hope that the UFC will remain in active dialogue with us as we try to find ways for us to work together. All we are asking is that there is give-and-take in the negotiations and that they are not one-sided."

- Vadim Finkelchtein, Co-owner/President
M-1 Global


also lol@ the press conference and him talking about honoring his contract as a fighter to m-1 this whole thing stinks of slavic bullshit.

Thanks for posting this. I wonder why haven't they met in person or have they met since Tuesday?

I'm an optimist...and I think the UFC and Fedor will eventually agree to something. Their 'new' negotiations (since the cancellation of Affliction) have not been going on very long. I wouldn't be surprised if M-1 - and even the UFC - are in the midst of playing a complex version of 'hard to get.'

Hell, it took Lamar Odom more than a month to re-sign with the Lakers. I'm not expecting Fedor to work something out with the UFC in 2 weeks' time.


does anyone else hear "boris" from rocky and bullwinkle when they read that......

 I smell bullshit, and bet that bullshit is named Finklechtien.

BTW, he was also the bad guy from Ace Ventura was it not?


LACES OUT Dana!!!!

CRE - They still haven't met Fedor face to face?

Fuck those guys they're punk ass bitches.

I sometimes wonder how much important info is told to Fedor and how much is not during these negotiations. If he's never met the UFC bosses he could be kept in the dark as much as his management wants about the actual offers presented.

im sure fedor is just as bent as the soviet sickle

Vadim's firm anti-slavery stance is admirable. 

TTT for the modern John Brown.

 M1 global wants the UFC to mention their name as it being a joing venture.  UFC is absorbing all the costs and all the losses. They won't (and should not) do a joint venture with M1 just so those losers can build their name.

small devil's advocate FRAT...

i think Vadim clearly understands that Brock vs Fedor would be the biggest fight in the history of MMA. that bout may do as much for the UFC's global image as Griffin v Bonnar did for its domestic image. its a break-through fight. and i dont think there is another HW in the world who can duplicate such explosive domestic and international expansion as Fedor (should he fight Brock).

i believe Vadim sees this...and he's gonna ride his negotiation-pony as long as he possibly can. will he go too far? maybe. but i totally understand why he has not agreed to anything yet. its only been 2 weeks. and i will understand if he doesnt agree to anything anytime soon...wouldnt be surprised if a deal wasnt hammered out for 6 months or more. its in his interest to stretch out negotiations as long as possible. sucks for all us anxious fans, but thats just the way it goes.

many argue that "Fedor is not a star" and "look at his small PPV draws." i agree with this notion if you are talking about his current status. but i think two things immediatly change his popularity index and potential value: 1) the UFC's monstrous promotional capabilities and 2) domestic and international media interest. regarding the first, UFC will make sure that we see Fedor specials on Spike and promotional spots on cable until we are sick of him. they will make him a household name before he ever fights for them. regarding the second, the sports media will make "Fedor vs Brock" the biggest MMA sports story in the history of the sport. its Russia vs USA all over again to most simple-minded Americans....what an easy story to sell on ESPN, Fox Sports, or whatever.

and, like i said, i think Vadim sees this clearly. Brock is a huge fight now and its also a huge fight in a year. why agree now to something he might get more for later?

Big Pun -  M1 global wants the UFC to mention their name as it being a joing venture.  UFC is absorbing all the costs and all the losses. They won't (and should not) do a joint venture with M1 just so those losers can build their name.

M-1 has said they will cover half the costs, & want control of 50% of the event. That seems to mean to me in plain english that the UFC would SPLIT THE COST.

Seems pretty reasonable to me

 It seems reasonable to you that the UFC that pretty much built the sport and has 99% of the name recognition should split anything 50/50 with M1 Global?  That seems reasonable to you?  Because it seems like a load of manure to me.

the hardcore fan base is about 10% of the actual UFC paying fanbase.  Why would the UFC split anything 50/50 with a company that has no real fan base and only 10% of the UFC fanbase has even heard of?  M1 would gladly "split" anything to get their name recognition

Does anybody really believe that "co-promotion" with M-1 means 50/50? Affliction events were "co-promoted" with M-1 global... yet they didn't even know the event was canceled until their plane landed in the states. "co-promotion" is a joke, it means M-1 get's half the publicity, and a huge chunk of the profit while putting forth zero risk and zero investment (unless you count Fedor).

This co-promotion demand by M-1 is hard to understand. I mean, the UFC is clearly capable of fronting 100% of the costs of putting on the event, so why would they split the costs and promote a rival organization in the process? It'd eventually end up as silly as Affliction ended up being.

"This next Affliction fight is brought to you by Golden Boy Promotions and presented by M-1 Global."

I think what M-1 really means by co-promotion is Dana gives them half of the profits from the show.

 And half the exposure which is 10,000 times more than they have now

 I hope Dana told them off and used the F bombs alot.