What is M-150? I see it all over the King's Birthday videos - on everyone's shorts, on the ropes, it's fucking everywhere. What does it mean?

One of the sponsors, obviously. I used to know what they were.... I *think* they are another energy drink like "Red Bull", but I could be mistaken.

Some of the other popular sponsors I remember were Elf, Mita, Red Bull, Shark, Old West, etc.....

This is an energy drink. Major Bangkok sponsor, and made by Kratingdaeng (Red Bull). Tastes great.

Tangent subject.

I read recently that Taurine, the chemical in Red Bull that is supposed to make you more alert is actually produced by your own brain and that your brain actually produces much more than the body ever uses making the ingredient in the drink totally worthless (except for its high caffeine content)

Anyone had an experience different than that of just a cafeine buzz?

The shit tastes really good.Gave me a little energy when I tried it.

Drink it with Kettle One and a splash of cran, great drink.