M. Bustamante Boston Seminar

Murilo Bustamante will be conducting a no gi seminar tomorrow night (Oct. 20th) in Boston from 7:00 to 10:00 pm.

It will be located at: 305 Broadway in Everett, MA

The cost will be 75 dollars.

For more information call: Joao Amaral at (617) 293- 7920 or Daniel Gazoni at (617) 470-6785

If you have any questions and have trouble getting in touch with Joao or Daniel just post them here and I’ll make sure that they get answered later this evening.

Can you give me a ride there? and loan me 75$?

Damn man. 1 days notice?

yeah sorry about the short notice...but it'll definitely be worth going to.

"$75 for the only guy to beat Chuck Lidell in the last 2 years? What a steal!!"

Actually Randy Couture and Rampage kicked his ass preaty badly in the last year... but, ummm, yeah, Busta still owns.

ttt for Busta!

He'll also be having a seminar here in Long Beach, CA this Saturday. www.bttlongbeach.com



1 days notice???

where exactly is Everett, MA?

Everett's right near Somerville... probably about a ten minute drive from downtown if the traffic doesn't suck.

Shoot wish I heard earlier! But tttop :-)





id be all about this if not for two things
1. No bread, and 1 day is not enough to come up with it
2. Sox are in game 7

Go Sox!!!

Sorry for the repetition but...

Damn 1 day notice!!

it's better than absolutely no notice...

I hear ya. I just can't do it in one day and he is on the top of the list for instructors I would like to meet.