m hughes vs cung lee in san shou

call me crazy but i think matt hughes could beat the san shou legend cung lee at his own game.

i was watching the espn k1 marathon and saw cung lee, he just looked like a decent thai boxer with very mediocre takedowns.

every single clinch matt would pick him way up and bring him down hard!

and matt prob could catch his kicks and slam him some more.

on the feet, boxing gloves so matt just needs to clinch!

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it wouldnt even take huges to beat Cung Lee... Karo would kill him, easily.. so too would about 100 other people at his weight, the one lower or one above from the MMA world.

"it wouldnt even take huges to beat Cung Lee... Karo would kill him, easily.. so too would about 100 other people at his weight, the one lower or one above from the MMA world."

Not at Cung Lee's OWN GAME. No one will beat Lee in San Shou.

I'd rather have an f'n root canal...

What's the point on having a kickboxing bout with takedowns, but no groundfighting?

would be good sprawl and brawl training

Isn't shan shou the Chinese answer to Muay Thai?

"Could somebody explain San Shou to me?"

Sure. In a nutshell it's similar to the standup portion of MMA. you can kick, punch, shoot for takedowns clinch and throw. In the format called sanda, you're allowed to throw knees as well. One thing that makes it different is that you only get about 3-5 seconds in the clinch to attempt a throw or takedown etc before the ref stops it, so the clinch and throwing is pretty fast paced. once someone hits the ground the ref breaks the action.

I love Matt Hughes.. but there is no way he'd beat Cung in San Shou. Cung is one of the best in the world at his weight class.

Neither he nor Karo have the striking and they both come from a grappling world that gives them the ability to get a dominant position or grip and work at it.. they would get pretty frustrated by the ref stopping them just as they started to get into their comfort zone.

Cung's hands are pretty average. Someone like St. Pierre or Sean Sherk would take Cung Le with a few months of training to get used to San Shou rules.

"Cung's hands are pretty average."

for a kickboxer yes. I agree. however the inclusion of the clinch and throws make it a more diverse sport. there are better strikers who Cung has beat. there are better wrestlers who Cung has beat.

Critics can say that "why not just do mma?" but you could take that line of logic and ask boxers "why not kick and throw elbows?"

i still think matt would slam the shit out of him.

but i do have a rule question. say matt picked him up and carried him before he dropped him on his head, would the ref step in if matt held him in the air for more than 5 seconds before spiking him?


I just filmed a scene for an upcoming Cung Lee movie. My scene was with Oleg Taktarov. I briefly met Cung Lee. Oleg is an awesome guy.

Not sure what better wrestlers Cung Le has beat under San Shou rules. I'm sure none of them had the experiance of wrestling with strikes involved as a top guy like GSP, Sherk, Hughes, or Trigg has.

Matt would lose.
Matt has to get use to slamming via BOXING GLOVEs...big difference GRIP wise.


and nope

I posted the exact same thread a year or two ago.

I believe Matt would beat him as well.

tried to post this once already...sanshou and mma are 2 very different worlds, similar as they may seem. i dont think enough credit is being given to le's striking..kicks at least. he is a monster toe to toe, conditioning is superhuman, and unorthodox when he wants to be. not to mention the speed..have you really watched him execute consecutive duck under suplexes? mma, yeah, hughes would probably take him-sanshou, le takes it no contest imo. i only post this because i trained briefly with shawn liu, le's trainer and head coach of US sanshou team, and know his workout and what hes capable of, as well as training both sanshou and mma myself. pure sanshou, le may be near unbeatable. just my 2.