M1 Commentating.


Some quotes

"The ref gives them a little slap and tickle"

"With lips that could suck an egg out of a chicken"

"Chuck Norris checks under his bed for Fedor at night"

Also on a side note 52-8 WTF?

He seemed more educated than Goldie. However I think Goldie seems dumb because it is his job to ask Joe questions that a casual fan would ask. Guy Mezger is just bad and I don't even know the other guys name but he is a borderline racist perv.

lol, haven't seen the event yet. guessing it was schiavello? that guy is pretty good but some of his sayings are a little out there

 how could you forget "He wants to ride the Kadillac" or whatever it was. 

He's got more hooks than Tori Spelling's bra.

He's looking for the over hand right, the money shot.

I'm sorry, but Schiavello reminds me way too much of a footy commentator to be taken seriously...

I mean, the Aussie accent can work in play-by-play, I just can't stand Schiavello's forced delivery and every time he gets excited it either sounds like "WHAT A BRILLIANT TRY" or "HE KICKED THE GOAL"...

 shiavello is awesome.

Mad Xyientist -  shiavello is awesome.



Danlosdi - 
Mad Xyientist -  shiavello is awesome.



 x3...I love that kooky bastards sayings

The boogie man looks under his bed for Chuck Norris, Chuck Norris looks under his bed for Fedor.