M1 strips and sues LW champion for contract breach


Champion M-1 Challenge lightweight champion Mansour Barnaui in violation of the signed and in force between it and M-1 Global contract held talks with the Polish KSW organization to participate in a tournament of this company. M-1 Global fighter deprives French champion belt and feeds it to the European Court

Within two weeks of the representatives of M-1 Global we have tried to negotiate with the manager of the French soldier and leadership KSW. They were presented the current Mansour contract with the Russian organization with the signatures of the soldier and his representative.

However, by KSW for unknown reasons, it has not been met with understanding, although the M-1 Global have provided all the necessary documents and, moreover, as a compromise offered to replace the Frenchman his men to rescue the Polish organizers. Despite this, representatives of KSW and Mansur team within two weeks of negotiations avoided.

Since all attempts to M-1 Global to resolve the conflict in a constructive way did not find understanding at KSW and fighters, as well as all deadlines set out, M-1 Global is forced to defend its interests in the international court. Mansour will be imposed large fines, and he will get a court ban on performances by the rules of mixed martial arts for a long time.

The case was referred to the court and to address KSW sent a notification that they are given 48 hours to cancel the fight, otherwise the European Court of this company, as Mansour will be automatically seized of the case of property damage.