MA Event Military Program

If you are military and will be in NYC on Saturday, April 21, there are limited free seats available to military personnel in uniform for the Battle of Brooklyn amateur martial arts event at Gleason's Gym. If you are interested in attending, please contact Mark Negron at

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Battle of Brooklyn VI

April 21, 2007


Muay Thai

Light Heavyweight 167-174.9 Five Round Championship Title Bout

Ben Case
/Sit-Kangmongkorn vs. Justin Porter/Advanced Fighting Systems

Jenny LaCava/Sit-Kangmongkorn vs. Sonia Mejia/Chinese Kickboxing Club 114 lbs.

Joey Formantes/Ardon Sweet Science vs. Jay Matias/Sitan Gym 130 lbs.

Joel Allen/Ardon Sweet Science vs. Kingsley Opoku/Sitan Gym 155 lbs. /o:p


Marcus Fisher/Sit-Kangmongkorn vs. Dan Lickun/Advanced Fighting Systems 185 lbs./o:p




San Da/o:p

Mario Salazar/Songshan Wushu Guan vs. Will Smith/Advanced Fighting Systems 140 lbs./o:p

/o:pWill Preap/Chinese Kickboxing Club vs. Colin Tevo/Wai Kru 155 lbs.


Al Iaquenta/Miletich New York/st1:state/st1:place vs. Tony Flores/Ardon Sweet Science 159 lbs./o:p


Sogo Karate Exhibition Bout

Masahiko Honma/Karate-do Honma Dojo vs. Miguel Rios/
Karate-do Shurenkan


/o:pFreestyle Sambo Open Weight American Sambo Association Championship

Chris Reitz/South Mountain Martial Arts vs. Ryan Ahearn/Ultimate Sambo

No Gi Submission Grappling

Mike Wacker/Black Hole Jiu-jitsu/Westchester BJJ vs. Ronald Lee/Chinese Kickboxing Club/BIT 145 lbs./o:p

Jeremy "Wookie" Splain/Black Hole Jiu-jitsu/Westchester BJJ vs. John Howard/Chinese Kickboxing Club/BIT 185 lbs./o:p

Bill Tirri/Advanced Fighting Systems vs. Ricky Baraney/Miletich New York/st1:place/st1:state 200+ lbs./o:p


All Bouts Are Subject To Change