MA lessons contract???

Is it normal for a school to try to get you to sign a 1 yr contract/membership? Is this the standard in the bussiness or do some places allow you to go month to month? Thanks.

Thanks El Guapo.

um. i've signed a contract for a yr, but it is taken out of my checking account at the beginning of each month.

also my instructor is a good guy and if something happened where I couldn't train, it would be zero problem getting out my contract. We just sign them b/c it makes it easier for him. 65/month with contract or 85/month cash

I have a per class rate, as well as monthly, and give discounts for 6
month or 1 year contract.

I never liked being pushed into signing a contract for a year.

we have the automatic deduction like 'Chris' said. we don't hold anyone to it. Just give us a month's notice to cancel the "contract". There was a case that it was deducting after i cancelled for them, but I re-imbursed them as soon as they came in.

"I never liked being pushed into signing a contract for a year."

Im at the same school as Chris, and its not really a contract. Its just an agreement for payments on a regular basis. You can get out at anytime, but this way you always pay at the same time every month, but can get out at any time.

Otherwise someone pays at the first of the month... then at the second week of the next, then the third, then the end of the month. You lose a months payments like this every few months.

Joe is correct! Any schools out there want to start this please check