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Interesting question. I know Tony Blauer has struggled with it as he has videos/materials that are ONLY available to Law Enforcement and a policy of not demonstrating gun defence/disarm on video due to fear of the material risking the life of an LEO. I'm also certain that what we see on video from Scott is a very small tip of a very large iceberg! I'm not sure if he has any 'not for public' material or not.

Neither ROSS nor BLAUER are 'mass marketed' (ie in every video shop in town) and so control is still very real: call either you'll speak to people who actually have "KNOWLEDGE OF THE SUBJECT". Quite rare in this day and age.

I agree with Doug that video and manuals are no substitute for training and true insight and skill can only be purchased through EFFORT, not visa or mastercard.

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There really isn't a moral issue present here. Martial Culture is something that has been passed from old to young for centuries. In fact, it has been found that the sharing of this heritage proves more productive in our children than it does destructive. It is a viable tool for building positive characteristics among the family, community, and tribe.

It is highly unlikely that someone will glean enough from a video, without dedicated practice, to implement it successfully. MA requires time and patience to achieve mastery. An individual with evil intentions would find it more convenient to purchase a firearm, instead of a daily regime devoted to martial movement. "The bullet is for the fool, the bayonet is for the good guy."

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Doug Rowell

While I'm not sure this topic makes sense for this forum Scott mentioned on the main forum that I should post some ideas on this topic here. My question is part morality and part practicality. Is it right to sell instructional tapes with clear potential harm others over the internet/phone without some sort of control over consumption? If not, how can we control the distribution of such tapes or can we at all? If we can't is it fair to take away others opportunities to learn from these tapes?

Very general questions, not aimed at Scott (I have never seen a tape from him that looks more "dangerous" than what kids see from the wwf) although I think he could answer them better than most due to his experience in the field. ie I have no exposure to selling over the net.

I agree with what both of you have said so far. I think what Phil mentions in his first paragraph is more what I'd be concerned with - ie false sense of self condfidence in dealing with certain threatening situations. I have never seen a Ross or Blauer tape that looks like it sells this way but there are many on the market which appear to sell to those who want "ninja" abilities. I suppose my question is more concerned with those types of tapes. Is it reasonable to expect any control over what may even constitute fraudelent advertising? ie "destroy and attacker in 5 sec" type stuff that makes the lay person (albeit probably a dumb one) feel invincible.
Phil, See you in October! Hope the training is going well - but not too well:)