MAB v.s. Ayala

It looks like it's MAB vs. AYAla on June 19th at the home depot center in las angelas this summer. lots of people on boxingtalk and maxboxing are calling this fight a possible candidate for foty right alongside the manny vs.marquez fight. i however am super pissed this fight is going down. and i know it will be knowhere near fight of the year.

i would much rather see fight where mab is tested properly so we can judge whether he is past his prime now or if pacquaio took alot out of him or something. against an opponent like ayala who is relatively easy to hit and doesnt offer any danger in return. barrera will look brilliant again and most people will be fooled into thinking mab is back. i would much rather have seen him in against IN JIN CHI. or someone who presents some danger. in jin chi would have been a much better test than ayala.

this fight will prove nothing about MAB. whther damage has been done.. whether hes to old.. nothing.

one of the most intelligent statements made today

no crap foty. this isnt going to be a very competitive fight at all. technically marco is alot better then morales. morales bullied ayala around for twelve rounds. marcos gonna stop ayala's attack by stickin a jab in his face the whole them and when ayala tries to get inside the jab. marco will throw combos and mark up ayala's face. i expect ayala to look very screwed up after this fight. reminiscent of what tapia looked like after mab was done with him. only worse cause mab wont hold back. i dont know if there will be a knockout or anything. but if marco gets back in the habit of throwin the left to the body. ayala could get stopped in the later rounds.

ayala was energetic to the end with morales cause morales didnt utilize a body attack at all. if marco does... ayala could look worse for wear in the later rounds and make marco look brilliant again. but i wont be fooled. he needs an opponent to test him. ayala is not that.

mab vs. chi would have been a good test to see where marco stands. after morales... chi went on some impressive wins and recently ko'd brodie in his hime town. chi looked dowright good in that fight.

Mab i can see winning, but it would be a good test to see where he truly is after the loss. was it more manny than himself, or was it really all the distractions blah blah blha.. or did he just get to old.. or maybe a little of all. who knows. and frankly there really no way to find out against ayala.

barrera will look spectacular against someone like ayala. mab can bully paulie with just his jab. mab can win this fight literally with ease ... and he'll never have to mix it up ..not once and go to war at all.