Mac Danzig fights tomorrow

Mac Danzig will be fighting Jason Von Flue tomorrow at the Gladiator Challenge in Porterville, California.

I expect a decisive win for one of the toughest and most talented guys in the sport, Mac.

Andre is correct

ttt for Mac



Mac has moved up in weight recently, and Jason has some tricky leg subs ... should be a good test for both guys.

"The Live Wire" by side choke 3:40 RD 1

Von Flue's side choke is sick, Andreh. You better tell Mac to look out for it.


TTT for Mac


Mac, I have no idea who you are, but you are now my favorite fighter. I will follow your career from this day forth!

Good luck Jason "Chokey-man" Von Flue...



How'd my boy do?!

Sick `em Jason

lol I'd have much more respect for Big Bird's constant posturing if he'd step up and tell everyone who he is. He says he has all this boxing experience, etc... yet, he will not reveal himself to the UG.

IMO, this fight will come down to conditioning. Maybe Mac by decision?

There has to be some results on some fights by now.

GOOOOOO Von Flue...

Be sure to post em MJ because I will put the information on another forum.

Do you know if Jason and you know who(SA) are on "good terms" now?

I am...

I won`t say no more on this "touchy" subject MJ,but I need to know.Please let me know if you know or not.