Mac Danzig vs Nate Diaz lets see it

these 2 were dominant in both seasons and have had success in the UFC as well. both come to fight, both are well rounded. id like to see it while both of them have momentum going!

Yeah, Mac has been subbed how many times?

havent seen mac in sub trouble before, dont see it happening with Nate. mac by superior wrestling/positioning/tough top game. nates face would be a wreck after getting peppered through the WHOLE fight.

would be a hell of a fight

Yeah, FBT. Its a shame I had to walk away from a bet for $500 straight up on Bisbing/Chainsaw so I could take a $2000 bet that Mac WOULDN't get tapped out in his last fight. (I only budget so much I bet on each show)Bottom line is I have 2k in my pocket and you are posting as FrankieBitchTits.

I also think Danzig vs Pellegrino would be a great fight.

too many guys at 155 with winning streaks going on. Nate, Danzig, Sherk, Penn, Huerta, Florian, Griffin, Maynard, etc.. lets keep matching them up to weed out the title contenders

Will, Gabe had more experience than anyone on his season of TUF. What happened?

Wasnt Gray in Danzigs corner? And doesnt Gray train with Griffin? How would that affect some of these fights.

FBT, I'm posting under the same name I've had on here since 1998. Who the fuck are you again?

It's a good fight. They may want to keep them apart for a bit though and build them both up for a showdown later.
One of them would have to lose and I don't know if you want to take either of them down a notch at this point in time.
Both are guys that can be future stars.
Still it would be a good fight.

Mica, agreed. Gray vs Tavares would be cool. Griffin vs Nate would be cool too but doesnt seem likely, maybe griffin vs Fisher? Wiman has been winning as well

Frankie, I bet you 2k. Thats the max I bet per card. If $100 is all you can afford I'll take your money none the less.

I think it's too soon for this fight.

stevekt has matchmade the correct.

I could pass on Mac vs Nate as well for now.. I'd rather see Mac beat up Joe Lauson or Cole Miller first.

Agree that it's too early for this fight but it would be good to see in the future.

I'd pick Mac.

Would love to see this...

Danzig by severe beatdown...

Read the forum. There are tons of retards just like you.

 Mac would win, but i really like both these guys it would be a great fight.