Mac The Knife v Felix Sturm , predictions ??

well chuffed that Matty got his chance , but against Sturm in Cologne ?? he's got it all to do.

gutted it wasnt on the Haye undercard.

anyone think he can pull it off ?

also Kell Brook goes against Lovemore N'do that night . will Kell be the one to finally stop Lovemore and put one over on Canelo ? i think he will

Brook and Canelo remind of Hatton and Cotto , both tearing through the ranks together ..but who is the best ? will we ever find out ? probably not :(

Strum may have had the most protected career in boxing history. Since losing to Dela Hoya in controversial fashion 7 years ago, Strum has fought 1 fighter known to fans in North America, Javier Castillejo, who was 38 at the time of their first fight and who stopped Strum in 10. Strum always looked like he possessed some minor degree of skills, but I have never seen anyone who had such a protected career.

this will be more of the same , Matty Macklin has improved a lot, he's one of the toughest mother fuckers in the division and he will pressure Sturm all night but no doubt the rounds will go to Sturm and once again he will get decision in his own back yard .

it is literally his own backyard as well, he's a Cologne native.

Sturm via UD

very nice from Brook , nearly had him ! Phone Post

much respect to Macklin and Sturm , great fight ! cant wait to get to Krautland and even the score !! Phone Post

What do you think of Sturm's guard? I see very few boxers with that hands on the temples guard other than Abraham and a couple others.

What did you all think of the result?

Was Macklin robbed?

A rematch is on the cards

I had it even on my card and 2 rounds to Sturm on my special german card . no robbery , Sturm was good for the win , the rounds obviously went to Sturm and tbf he was doing the cleaner work just not much of it .

Sturm was the hometown fighter but he was also the defending champion , he fought well and did enough to keep his belt imo. Phone Post