Can anybody give me some information, a little history on this guy?

I remember watching him fight in the old BVT events and he seemed a pretty intense guy. Also very impressive.

Was also watching a few of his BJJ matches last night (A Rickson tourny), and just wondered about him.

I read he had some kind of rivalry with Ryan, also I belive that he has a good BJJ team in Brazil.

Any tales?

So how advanced are Ryans skills (another topic I know)?

I knew he was a BB but didn't realise he was turning out his own BB's.

Particulaly such high level BB's.

I only know him from Pride where he is basically billed as a streetfighter with the Gracie name.

Those crazy Gracies'. They should have their own reality tv show. It would be weirder, funnier, and lots more violent than the Osbornes. I'd bet they'd be more cussing too. And like Ozzy there would have to be sub-titles.

They say Ryan is really crazy. Not like funny but really something wrong with him crazy.

when suddenly a third "fighter" appeared: Hulligan, a pitbull. He got between them two and caused tremendous confusion,


Depsite his fearsome reputation he's actually one of the most
easily approachable and nicest guys in jiu-jitsu (I know you've
heard that before, but I definitely mean it). I remeber at the Copa
Pacifica before his superfight he was helping out in literally any
way he could, from refereeing to working the concession stand.

He wins some, he loses some but is usally entertaining in the

and he always seem ready for a fight or match.

Yeah - his vale tudo matches where wicked!

In BVT6 before the Pele match he goes to double leg the guy and ends up throwing him right over the back of his head.

He also looked to have some pretty slick BJJ in the tourney I was watching.
Also despite getting caught in a nasty looking kneebar by Nino he was all smiles after the match.
Just interested to find out some more about him.

I have heard similar tales about Ryan - but he is certainly an interesting character.
I would would imagine the Gracie with the biggest drawing power right now - still wanna see him tested against a tough opponent.

How are his BJJ skills?

Pele vs Macacao 1 took place on BVT6.

The rematch took place in WVC4.

The first fight was the only time I've seen two fighters, just stop mid fight, start a stare down and begin talking shit to each other.

Those guys really hated each other.

In BVT6 when Macacao gets his head humped by pele in the fight... great match!

Macacao also does the most awsome takedown in BVT6 like someone else mentioned the over the back whatever reverse flying superman!


I met Macaco at the 2000 Pan Am's in Orlando,I was sitting a couple of people down from me,and so I decided to take a picture.I was trying to maneuver around people,and he saw me,and said,no,no,my friend,You want a picture? He grabbed my camera,and gave it to one of his friends to take the picture.He came over and put his arm around me(Man,he is thick).Yeah,his voice was real deep and gravely.