Macaco - Jungle Fight and Bushido?

Jorge "Macaco" Patino is scheduled to fight at Jungle Fight on May 15 and Pride Bushido on May 23. He is scheduled to fight Thomas Denny at Jungle Fight and Misaki at Bushido. Is he really fighting on both these shows? If so, I say he beats Denny, but loses to Misaki.

Peter P

Macaco isn't fighting in JungleFight. he had to bow out to get into bushido.

Well #1, Macaco wasn´t fighting Thomas Denny, he hurt himself somehow (not sure what he hurt), and Buck Greer took his place. So it was Macaco VS Greer, but then Macaco bowed out because he had the pride fight coming, and now Buck Greer is fighting another Chute Boxe fighter (according to ADCombat his name is Daniel Acacio).

mmaweekly had in their news today that Macaco would be fighting in Jungle Fight.

Peter P

Well MMAWeekly is very outdated. Go to, they have the newspiece on Denny dropping out and Greer stepping up, an interview with macaco where he says he won´t fight in Jungle fight, and the new lineup with Greer fighting the CB guy.