Macahdo IS Gracie Jiu Jitsu

I'm constantly confused by the way Machado affiliate schools in Australia think they are somehow unique.

Rigan, Jean Jaqcue and Gustavo are all Gracie Barra black belts trained by Carlinhos.

This us and them attitude is weird.

It is the only anomaly in what is otherwise a very cool and friendly community.

I enjoy my self all the time.

Im a Machado BJJ Blue belt but i dont think we are unique, god i couldnt even tell you all of the brothers names, i dont really care i do it for the fun, fitness and the training. Im sure all the BJJ schooles in australia teach a very similar way, gees when you look at it its all BJJ.

I havent even been to a John Will Seminar!!!!

its like football im sure all the teams train differently and have different ideals, but ultimately they are all still playing the same game.

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The Machado's are the 1st to say just that .
In the US Gracie(the name ) was registered and they could not use it . Carlinhos, (JJ told me)was the one to say just use the name Machado .
Machado schools are unique as the people are much better looking than the poor suckers from the other schools , main difference !

Machado JJ is Gracie JJ is Brazilian JJ.

The Gracie/Machado BJJ identity crisis is kind of old news.

Yes the Machado's learnt from the Gracie's and are related families, agreed.

So what is the difference between Gracie Jiu Jitsu and Machado Jiu-Jitsu?

Happy to be corrected but I don't think there is any.

Except for the obvious, lange is correct, Machado BJJ practitioners are MUCH better looking!!!!

;) (just for you Ben!)



I think the only difference would be the name, from what i've read when the Machados compete in Brazil they wear Gracie patches on their GI's as they got their BB from a Gracie school.
Probably team Machado Australia cause its the oldest in the country (correct me if im wrong).

When a black belt opens up his own academy, he usually starts his on school with new name and logo (usually showing affiliation to his original club). So his students will compete under his new academy name. The instructor of course, will compete under the academy where he got his black belt. Pretty much standard fair, otherwise everyone would be competing under the same banner (since it all came from the same source).

Having different clubs/academies promotes competition. Competition is what drives change and improvement. That's why there are so many different temas out there... Machado, Gracie Barra, Master Team, Top Team, etc. They all came from the same place, but then they've all gone in their own directions. What would be the point if everyone just competed under the Gracie banner?


Great insight there, have you just discovered that?

BTW Gustavo is not a Machado brother, he just has the very common Machado surname.

Slothman Dave.

Ben, you are a complete liar or a total legend.


I'm not going into the political part of it, but techinque wise, the Machados learned from Gracie Barra and whatever they say, it's the same style, same techniques and same way of teaching, apart from small differences that you might find from a club to another, everything is BRASILIAN JJ, rules, concepts, and in Brasil we don't even call it Brasilian, only Jiu-Jitsu, for obvious reasons.

Roberto Atalla
BJJ Black Belt 1st degree

Wasn't it also Carlos Machado who started Barra Gracie?

what is this? the 'oh fucking der' thread?

Perhaps the thread should have been titled:

"Is John Will Jiu Jitsu Machado Jiu Jitsu?"