Macarrao and The Old School Triangle

On Joe Rogan last week, Rickson name dropped Marcio "Macarrao" Stambowsky as one of the first to use the triangle in competition. Macarrao is a 7th degree coral belt teaching in Connecticut now. In this video, he talks about getting his black belt under Rolls, learning the triangle, 40 years in BJJ, and teaches his "old school triangle".

A bluenamer, if you please: Phone Post 3.0


I heard that interview as well and when Rickson mentioned Marcio it made my day. Not only is Marcio a legend but he is one of the nicest people I've ever met. If you ever get the chance to train with him you'll see what I mean. Phone Post 3.0

Thanks...I've heard Daniel Gracie speak so highly of him, especially while Daniel had his school in Stamford, CT...but hadn't seen any vids or interviews before. Very humble of him to not try to take credit for creating it but giving that to Rolls.

Interesting point on pushing his knee out. I've seen the vid of Renzo showing "his secret" of not letting a big opponent make him smell his knee. 

Also interesting about the straight angle that he likes compared to rotating... I dont know why people are really in one camp or the other..His tip about pulling the opponent forward is money. Personally I like to make distance like him but I circle to an angle and pull the guy's shoulder "into the hole" I create. Once he falls to that side a little, he doesn't have much chance of recovery.

Marcio FTFW. Phone Post 3.0