MacBook Pro

I'm interested in getting a MacBook Pro. Gonna need to use boot camp to boot up Vista as well for work. There's a few MS devs I know that really like their MacBook, just looking for devil's advocate here. The hardware looks pretty rockin'. 4-6 weeks shipping for a 7200 RPM drive kinda sucks, but oh well.


I normally don't check out the various Apple forums on the net, however I was bored at work and wanted to see what people were saying about the new MacBook Pros, and there was a thread about this exact same question, here's the link:

Hope it helps

Visual Studio 2005 is such a huge, pile of dilapidated shit and with all of the assemblies being copied to temp directories during the compilation of an ASP.NET app, seems worthy of a 7200RPM drive.

I went to the apple store near my client's office and I was soooo close to going home with one of these things. I just wanna make absolutely sure I'm not gonna get fucked over in some way trying to pull this off before I drop 3 grand on one. But I gotta say, I was VERY impressed as a guy who's been all PC all the time. :D

Are you a student, or know someone who can buy it under their student discount? Right now Apple has a sale with your student discount ($200 off the cost of the MBP, and reduced prices on upgrades and Apple Care), and you also get a free iPod Nano.

Or if you or someone you know is a student doing some type of programming related degree program you can sign up for the Apple Student Developer program, a 1 year membership costs $100, but gets you $500 off the cost of the middle MBP and reduced prices on upgrade options. However, for some reason there's no discount on Apple Care under the program

I'm going to be buying one shortly, after my next paycheck. I get a Apple Employee discount, which is nice.

i also get apple EPP, but its only 6-8% off, but shit its better than nothing. I used it to get my macbook.

"i also get apple EPP, but its only 6-8% off, but shit its better than nothing. I used it to get my macbook."

you're a contractor or gov. employee? or your company has such a hook-up?

sicko, good call. looks like online you can pick up a student discount with no real proof. at the local apple store you need to show a student id. hmmmm

Doing it online is hit or miss, no you don't need any proof, however as I've been told Apple does verify a percentage of them to catch people. I know people who did it, I believe with the government buying discount, who didn't get caught and I've heard stories of people who have been. Personally, I'd say get a friend who's a student to buy it in their name, you can register it in your name, but that way if they look it up that person is legitamately a student. If you don't know anyone who's a student, then ask friends who have a child who's old enough to buy it in their name. You can buy it in their name, have it sent to their address, but still use your credit card

You should run Parallels with at least 2 Gigs of RAM, and it runs great.

What's cool about Parallels is that you can also use it to mount your Bootcamp partition, so you use both at the same time. Also Parallels v3 which is released in a few weeks will utilize your 3D hardware, so you'll even be able to play PC games while in OS X.

The Macbook Pro/OS X is hands down the best machine on the market, and there's nothing I'd rather have.

warez is right on the money, I had my company get me a macbook pro a week ago (i've been strictly a pc dude for as long as I can remember) and this is the best machine i've ever used by far. Bootcamp, parallels with windows up, you have the best of both worlds on a kickass machine.

Does parallels work with the aero? my understanding is it didn't. Besides that I think running IIS, 2-3 instances of VS, and SQL mgmt studio is gonna bog shit down enough as much as I'd like to try this.

I think v3 supports 3d acceleration which is required for aero. Might now work

Just submitted the order on a new MBP -- 17" glossy upgraded to high-res screen and 7200rpm drive. Also ordered Parallels and the book "Switching to the Mac" from Amazon.

My bad on the the Parallels release date... its out now! It supports Opengl and DirectX 8.1. VMWare is releasing a VM for Mac that's in beta now and should be healthy competition to Parallels.

"you're a contractor or gov. employee? or your company has such a hook-up?"