Macbook, spoils of war

Just worked a 70 hour week and the excess $$ put me over the top for a laptop purchse. I'm looking at around $1500 and the black macbook 2.4 13".

I know about the student discount, I know about vmware fusion. Anything else I should consider?

for an extra $200 over $1500 with student developer discount, you can get a Macbook Pro.

that requires a $99 signup with Apple Developer Connection (you ultimately save $300 on a $400 discount), that only works if you're currently a student though.

if you're going to get the black Macbook you might as well go for the full scale one IMO.


Even as a non Appie person - I agree with teh RoR - Can't you write it off as a tax deduction as well? Factor that in ;)

This must be lugged around in a backpack and on a motorcycle. It will be used in wiring closets and on planes. The macbook pro is physically bigger and heavier. I don't really play games, and from what I've seen all the pro has is a better video card and bigger screen.

And yes, I am writing it off. ;)

I agree about the macbook pro. I don't think it weighs that much more and the extra screen size is nice. Also, they have a tougher casing so it might be better if you are constantly on the move. For $1500 you can get a used one on craigslist that is basically in new condition and less than a year old. I live in a mid-sized city and one pops up on craigslist about every 10 or 15 days for my area. When I have the money to upgrade, that's the route i'm taking.

the 15" Macbook Pro isn't heavy to me and I carry it around school regularly.

I think it's also slightly tougher than the Macbook - it has acceleration sensors to stop drives in case of drop, for instance.

Yeah, I went to the apple store today and checked them out side by side. The weight is almost negligable and the video quality/os smoothness is noticeable. Guess its the pro.