MacDonald vs Cote for TKO title!

Who would like to see this? The winner of Mahood vs Pellerin gets Cote but in my opinion I deserve the fight right now. But for some reason I'm not Stephane's first choice! I have beaten Pellerin,Sills,Brown and split with Bill so what's the hold up, give me my shot!!

IF Pellerin beats Bill, that would leave Pellerin vs Cote but that has already happened just a few months ago and I have already beaten Pellerin so that leaves me.

If Bill beats Pellerin than that leaves Bill but since Bill and I are 1 and 1 both of us deserve to fight Cote.Based on the fact that we both have beaten Pellerin and we have beaten each other it comes down to what the fans would like to see.... If you can give a guy with two fights a shot(Cote) then why not give me one?

Please post your thoughts, no Trolling if you want to hack me make your own thread!!

Good luck to Bill,Crow and Fontaine!!

move to montreal and learn french and you will get all the fights from stephane you will ever need.


Trying to figure out Stephane Patry is the same thing as trying to polish a turd. No matter how many times you clean it, it's still a piece of shit.

Go fight elsewhere, you don't need TKO to become a star, infact, you're going to see alot of TKO "stars" leaving TKO (...and it's management) VERRRRYYYYYYYYY soon. Mark my words, I've heard it from their own mouths.



It's just that when I started fighting one of my goals was to become THE Canadian champion both MFC,WFF and TKO. Although I have been screwed and passed over by the TKO many times AND I do not need them for validation it is just some unfinished buisness that bothers me.

Totally understandable. I hope you get your wish sooner rather than later. Canada has some of the best talent out there these days. I think you'll be in the big shows soon enough.

Good luck,


I believe that 2004 is going to be a huge year for Jason MacDonald.

ttt for Jason McDonald. I'd love to see you smash Cote. I agree that it's you or me bro that sound be wearing that belt. Good luck in 2004!
Bill Mahood

TTT for Canada's two top Light Heavy Weights.

TTT For Greg Allen, the manager of 'soon-to-be' World and Canadian champions ! And perhaps even 'soon-to-be' film stars ;)


Like Bill said, if I can't have the belt then Bill is the only other one that should!!

Bill, sorry I couldn't make it out to train for this fight just couldn't get the time off work. Good luck and have some fun for me in Montreal!!!

I agree that Mahood and MacDonald are #1 and #2, but who's 1 and whos 2 I'm not sure. However I think that them fighting again would only set back both of their careers. J.T is right, they are both heading onto bigger things. Neither have anything to prove by beating the other. They each need to get some bigger fights to show everyone their potential. My $$$ would be on MacDonald.

Thanks JT.... looking forward to your appearence on OTR.

I think that match1 is correct..... Bill and Jason don't need to make a career out of fighting each other. Having them fight again is unnecessary. I am currently working on some big opportunities for the both of them outside of Canada.

Definitely time for these guys to get together, train hard, then go out and lay waste south of the border and overseas.

TTT for Mahood and MacDonald....

how many times have Mahood and MacDonald fought each other? 2 or 3? I say let them have a best of 7 series with the winner being the Canadian LHW champ. They could go 7 nights back to back to back.... you get the idea. I'd buy tickets.

I find it funny how this guy Cote can even be compared with Macdonald or Mahood! Who is this guy anyways?
Who has he beaten? What has he proved?
Macdonald and Mahood are the top lightheavywieghts and are the only ones that should have any belts or titles!

Hi guys it's Patrick Côté. I just want to said something. I do not choose my opponent, I fight with who that one tells me to fight, one has me to give a chance for the title and I took him. Also, I want to fight Mahood. But it's impossible to me to fight on the next show has cause of my work. I'm 100% agree that it is has Mahood to have a chance for the title and I does not understand this fight ( Mahood vs Pellerin ).
Last thing, I entrain hardly everyday It's true that I had my chance really soon but I want to fight against the best and another fights against Pellerin not me interesse.

Thank you

I really hope that Mahood win his next fight

Patrick côté

I agree, Mahood vs. MacDonald should happen again, BUT IN THE UFC!!!!!

TTT for MacDonald vs. Cote

Nice post Cote.

dino77: There is no doubting that Mahood and MacDonald have talent, but calling Cote a pretender is unfair to him. As he said in his post on this thread, he hasn't ducked anyone. I for one think Cote is a great talent with a big future in MMA. Can he beat Mahood or MacDonald, I dunno, but to call him a pretender is completely unfair. I for one want to see him fight Bill Mahood just so he has an opprotunity to silence his critics. If he does beat Mahood, then bring on MacDonald.

No one is calling him a pretender! He may very well be the real deal, I guess we will see!

What is unfair is that guys like Mahood and Macdonald who have proven themeselves against the top talent in canada and have fought some wars in the ring,are the ones being looked over! It should be one of them defending the lightheavyweight title against all up and comers not them waiting to get their shot!


I was talking to dino77 who did call Cote a pretender. But, I agree with you 100%. I personally think Cote is a tremendous fighter, but he needs to prove that with a win against Mahood and/or MacDonald. Getting the LHW division settled, is something I really want to see happen in 2004, with a guy like Rob MacDonald next.