Just confirmed........

On May 1st Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald of Red Deer, Alberta will face Anthony Rea of Paris, France at the AFC in Ft.Lauderdale, Florida in a Main Event LHW title matchup.

This fight marks the return to the ring of one of Canada's greatest LHW fighters and also launches a campaign that will see MacDonald storming his division on an International scale in 2004-2005.

Jason will be accompanied by none other than Denis Kang who will be offering technical and corner support.

At this point, I want to thank Miguel Itturate for creating this opportunity.... Thanks again for your support Miguel.

TTT for Jason "The Athlete" MacDonald !!!

Great job Greg. I keep in touch with Antony and he is a great guy. I think Johnny Walls is managing him. Again great job and best of luck to Jason.


Good luck Jason! Everything I've heard about Rea recently has been positive so you're in for a really tough fight. I'm sure you'll be prepared!

This is going to be an awesome fight. MacDonald will win this fight.

ttt for the Athlete !

Johnny isn't managing him but they are very good friends .

If you go to (Johnny's site) and look at the video mag Anthony is the fighter of the month. You can watch three of his fights .

Oh ya, it's FREE.

Awesome opportunity Jason will shine in this match up he has waited a long time to get back in to the ring and this match will get him the exposure he needs !

Good luck Jason

Good test for JayMac...excellent match making bro.

Loaf luvs J-Mac! J-Mac via sub.

I am extremely excited about this fight....

Loaf is correct... J-Mac via sub!

Showdown Joe is correct.

This is an excellent match-up.

Thats a tough one ,Reah been doing really good lately.
be nice to see this one

J-Mac by sub. I'm not sure how Reah's takedown defense is.

2 AWESOME fighters, I have yet to see J-Mac fight, but only hear
great things about his skill, and Rea I've seen first hand in TKO
and has always been an exciting fighter.

Phenominal matchmaking and great "managing skills" ;) Great job
AFC, and great job Greg.



I will go with MacDonald in this one, he is too smart to get caught in a stand up war with Rea!!

Great fight for him to get into the US market.

Was talking to Miguel and he was asking some questions about MacDonald and I was happy to hear this news last night.

We'll see you there guys.


Rea can take a beating BIGTIME and he can dish it out. JayMac has never had any issues with his heart and courage, has the skills to go toe to toe and work the g'n'p on Rea as well.

I'd like to see if JayMac can get the clinch/takedown, control Rea then pull off the sub. If he can do that, even semi-convincingly, the LHW division in this country will have another wake-up call.

I think that the US and the rest of the World is about to discover what a lot of us in Canada already know.

Jason MacDonald is a stud and he is going to be taking over the LHW division in the very near future.


What an excellent opportunity for MacDonald. I'm sure this will be a tough one for him, but there is no doubt that he has what it takes to win this title fight!