Mach 5 vs KITT


bans self for making a "versus" thread

Winner gets to fight the Thanos-copter for the championship.

You won't see a mullet in the Mach 5.

The Mach 5 doesn't have the voice of an old queen.

You run someone over with KITT and they come to in the hospital with a mullet, the urge to drink a cold Bud, and watch a NASCAR race.

You run someone over with the Mach 5 you are going to have to stop at the next rest stop to pry that poor fucker off the front.

Winner Mach 5.

Nobody likes a kweer car.

Kit is smarter, and can jump.

The design of the Mach 5 is sooooo sweet.

Mach 5 can jump too.

Well, technically the Mach 5 can pogo-jump, KITT has a rocket booster :-P

Mach 5, but the one up there doesn't look 100% accurate/ authentic to me. Maybe a bad angle.

the one up there doesn't look 100% accurate/ authentic to me. Maybe a bad angle.

You are entirely too kind - that one up there looks like something Billy Bob and Jimbo Rufus welded together in remedial shop class last week ;-)

TTT for a pic of the real thing. I remeber that fully functional rep[lica they gave away in Wizard years ago...that was was awsome.

The pics of the one(s) being used in the upcoming movie are sweet - you should be able to Google them no problem....

I didn't even know therewas a movie. Who's playing Speed and Trixie ??


Speed = Emile Hirsch

Trixie = Christina Ricci

Racer X = Matthew Fox


yes...yes he is

Aren't they making some kind of Astroboy movie as well? I fucking loved that show, and he would beat either of these two pieces of junk in a race

The Mach 5 by driving 80 miles per hour through a thick forest while chain sawing a line of trees.

I never thought of those 2 "VS" eachother. Good thread!

Can KITT go under water?

Thanks paw. THAT is what the Mach 5 is supposed to look like. Possibly the coolest car ever.

Also...TTT for Racer X