Machado Gi, where and worth it?

hey folks,

where would i go to find machado gi's ?

i've heard that they're very good, but are they worth the price? I tend to be an Atama man, but I also have a Bad Boy gi, and i really like it.

Any info or tips would be appreciated.



Awsome gi, awsome service. Their hybrid and gold weaves are as good as they come. They're also hard to get, because they sell out very quickly.

Machado Kimonos are awesome. Bout to order me another one.

Similar to Atama, but no seam down the middle of the back, and the top is more box-shaped. Pants are a little more snug.

The Machado Gi top is not as long, which I like better than the Atama. The Machado pants are also thicker. The only thing I like about the Atama better, is that its softer than the Machado. Other than that, Machado is better IMO.

I disagree with Southie in that the Atama I had was VERY course. Every Mkimono gi that I have has been very soft - at one seminar, people kept asking me "How long did it take to break it in so it feels this way?" My answer: "I just got it yesterday, dude."

Beyond that, I think Mkimonos is just simply way better made. Better material, WAY better stitching, broader variety of weaves (they Hybrid simply cannot be beat, however).

The Mkimono is the OFFICIAL GI for my school. I recommend it to all, and all who have it have been very happy.


Yes Machado is good...
Hybrid weave mmm...
Anyway I had problems with the stiching starting to rip with one goldweave. Not that the stitching was not strong but it ripped from one place and then went forward so fast that now I have to restitch almost one arm on jacket and one leg on pants.

Awesome gis that are definitely worth the price.

My favorite gi as well.

I would buy 1,000 Mkimonos (Gameness are good too) before I would ever think about buying another Atama.

I agree.

Guys, you all gave me goose bumps, I swear!!! Thank you SO MUCH!!!! Years and years of my hard work is paying off... thank you!

Jorx, whenever a stiching comes off quickly, with a gi that is kinda new, the customer would get a deal with me if got in touch. So, please, if it ever happens to you again (I doubt it though, this is a rare thing), please, feel absolutely comfortable to email me; ok? I'll be more than glad to help you out with whatever issues you have.

Thank you, again, very much; I wish you all have a wonderful, really great year! Take care,


Adam LaClair (or Luciana),

You mentioned that your gi was very soft upon delivery, which weave did you get? I'm not a big fan of the stiffer gis.

If Machado ever replace the cloth tie in the pants with a cord, they will be perfect :)

bjjguy, the single, hybrid or gold are very soft; the summer even softer; ok? It really depends on the customers taste.

Rene.r, I'll think about it... I'll make some tests with the cord, first, to see how it supports the weight, the pressure and then I will decide. Anyway, thank you very much for your advice. I promise to think about it.

Take care you all.


Being (ahem)short and stout I find the Machado gi to be a superior fit than the Atama for me.


Thank you for the reply. I second rene.r's suggestion. I've owned around 10 gis throughout my training, and all of them use a flat strip of fabric, which eventually gets twisted, and difficult to tighten/loosen.

bjjguy, I promise to give it a try, to make some tests; ok? Thank you for your advice.

You guys take care.

It's a hard choice between HCK Competition Single and a Machado. I have both and I prefer HCK. Machado gi's are good, don't get me wrong, but it's hard to beat a HCK competition single...especially if costs less.