Machado/Gracie diet?

Less the half the Gracie’s follow Carlos Sr diet, do any of the Machado’s follow it because Rigan is pretty heavy?

Roger Machado (the 2nd brother) is a vegetarian. I don’t believe he follows the Gracie Diet.

Jean jacque does to some degree iirc. He discussed his diet on his JRE appearance. Whatever hes doing its working

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Basically it is a lot of fruits and vegetables with cheese and fish. The difference with other diets is that you should not combine certain foods, especially fruits. I don´t know if this makes really a difference but basically it is a diet that uses a lot of fruits, plants and fresh stuff. So pretty light for body and digestion I would say.

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It’s just some bullshit Carlos made up.


No it’s not. It’s some bullshit dreamed up by an Argentinian Dr named Dulin that Carlos appropriated. Supposedly Oscar Santa Maria gave the book to Carlos. Human rational food is the title

So he fraudulently appropriated some bullshit some other guy made up. Gotcha