Machado JJ Black Belt Tech book?

Hey all - I'm a beginner and am looking to get a good basic reference book for BJJ. I came across the Machado JJ Black belt Techniques Book. In your opinion is this any good for a guy like me starting out before I start at a gym?

It's good for someone with at least a 9 months of good training or
more. It's not for beginners...hence the name "Black Belt
Techniques" (but you don't have to be a black belt either).
Most of the techs are all things that Jean Jacques teaches in the
advanced class but if you don't have any background it's too
much. Even his own students will come in with questions about
little details.
It's a very good book, but not for beginners.

Thanks for the input knee! Is this the one you are referring to from Renzo called SUBMISSION GRAPPLING? I didn't see anything on it about NO GI?

Thanks Shin. Does JJ Machado have an earlier book better catered toward beginners? A firend of mine trained at the Machado school in LA and really praises the instruction.

No, I'm quite sure it's his first book. He had a DVD of techniques
He is an excellent teacher.
Where are you?

Shin - Im in the East bay of San Francisco. The closest gyms to me are Cesar Gracie and the new gym from Ralph Gracie, taught by Crosley Gracie. I hav enot been able to locate any MMA groups here near Pleasanton/Dublin area. Do you know of any?

Go buy the Fighter's Notebook and you'll be all set ;-)

I don't consider the Machado book that difficult, though, but I guess I'm outnumbered...

Thanks Strike! Do you know where I can pick up FIGHTERS NB at?

tc fighter: you can order it here on this site ;-)

Hey TC,

Jean-Jacques book, while not geared for a beginner, is a must-have because it shows you "where it's going" that is, where the basic techniques lead. My copy is starting to get dog-eared I read it so much! The genius of it is how he strings the techniques together and gives you a slow-motion, move by move account of the flow of jiu-jitsu: the set-ups, baiting and switching: "If he does this, then move into this and if he attempts to block, you flow into this..." I like to think of them as roadmaps... It's really what they are.

There is no substitute for attending class. Join one now. Immediately. I'm lucky enough to study with Jean-Jacques but that's not the reason I recommend the book. I recommend it for the reasons above. It has helped me understand the bigger picture, -or more accurately: glimpse it (I've only been training a year :). For a basics book, Renzo and Royler's book is wonderful... If you want to see how they swim in deeper waters, get Jean-Jacques.

Now get rollin'!


Royler and Renzo book is definitely a much better choice for someone just starting out.

Thanks Zero and Agent! I hear ya!

tc, its not the "Submission grappling" book. They are refering to a book written by both Renzo & Royler Brazilian jiu-jitsu: theory & technique.

after you've read this one get the rest.

Thanks BULL! That's what I was wondering!