Machado & Paulson Florida Seminar

Erik Paulson and Rigan Machado "Two For One" Grappling Legends Seminar. Discover How To Gain Maximum Grappling Skill in Minimum Time.
On September 25th & 26th, Erik and Rigan will conduct a weekend of intensive training and learning which will benefit anyone interested in gaining a higher level of "game" in the ground fighting and stand-up world.

Dates: September 25th & 26th. This Saturday & Sunday!
Location: Virrick Park Community Center, 3255 Plaza Street, Coconut Grove, Florida 305 445-0123.
Cost: Register by September 24th for only $195 for both days or $100 for either day. After September 24th or at the door it's $210 for both days or $110 a day.
Times: 10am to 12:30pm and 2:00pm until 4:30pm both days.
Information: Call Unified Martial Art at 305-595-2892 or email:




When I lived in Torrance I would train w/ both of them.
They each taught 10 minutes from my apartment.

Aaaaaaaaaaah those were the days

Seminar has been rescheduled due to yet another HURRICANE.