Machado, Shamrock, Guimaraes, Will

Just a quick message to let you guys know that I'm picking the DVDs up first thing Tuesday morning, and those who ordered the DVD should receive their copy sometime next week.

Part of the delay was caused by reformatting issues, as the original format PAL proved incompatible with US dvd players. This problem has been corrected, and the disc replicated. They are currently being packaged and assembled for delivery.

Thanks again to all those who pre-ordered their copy, and for their patience in waiting for delivery. I look forward to hearing feedback and opinions on the first volume.

Great stuff Jeremy!!!

Can you please re-post orderring/payment instructions again.



Gets PO Box keys ready

DVDs of what?

crosses legs with excitement

Woo hoo!

Thanks for persisting, Jeremy.

Good news! I'm going to start camping at the post office now :)