Machado Training in Kansas City

I am looking for a Machado Jiu-Jitsu practitioner in Kanaas City, Mo. Contact me at



Is there any special reason you are looking for a Machado jiu-jitsu practioner over any other jiu-jitsu team? Have you tried Daniel's school? Gustavo is coming back to KC in March to put on another seminar. Did you attend his last seminar?

Eel, are you coming to the seminar in March?

I have tried to set up training with the Jiu-Jitsu trainers here in now and have not been succesful. ONe group was to far for me to travel to and was not consistant. They are now closed. The other is again conflicting with schedule and again hard to tie down to a commitment. I have a gym that I teach at in the evening and have 15,000 sq ft. If I can contact a Machado JJ or Gracie JJ for that matter that can come teach in the gym then in could work for everyone.


We had Daniel "Montanha" Lima down here in Springfield this last weekend and I would recomment to anyone in KC to train with him. Super nice guy and very humble


How long was the seminar? What did you cover during the seminar?