Machado Triangle Book

I ordered the book and dvd. rocks!


Aw, did you get the book already?

The book will be shipping around the 28th. The printing was delayed because of production problems on the printer's side.

The DVD will have 14 different techniques, and include drills. At the end of the DVD, Rigan will comment on a bunch of fights and explain his take on the triangle set-ups.

You will like the book and DVD alot - the price is a killer at $29.95.

I am doing a book on Feitosa ( including DVD) called the "Mechanics of Guard Passing and Defense". Marcio is well known for his guard passing and defense and it will include Gi and No-GI as well. This should be the probably the best book on the subject since Marcio is a 3- time Mundial Champ, Abu Dhabi Champ, and Head Instructor at Gracie Barra in Rio.

I have already filmed the Gi Part and will film the No-Gi this summer.

I am also coming out the Eric Paulson's Chicken Wing (Kimura) book and DVD this fall. I never knew the breath of techniques that you could do with the Kimura and we will have close to 200 pages on that.

I'm looking forward to the Feitosa book, I own his instructional set and I was impressed.

I really like this whole book and dvd idea too, they make good companions.