machida beat the hell out of shogun

shogun's inhuman ability to absorb punishment is what gave the impression to people (including obviously rogan and goldberg) that shogun won

machida blasted shogun right in the face with punches for almost every leg kick thrown by shogun (except in the 5th round, the only round shogun won)

machida's punches were hard and not blocked, it's just that shogun ate them so well and kept doing his muay thai 'that didn't hurt' hand waiving it seemed like he must have blocked them

machida also drilled shogun with at least 4 knees straight to the liver that would have KO crumbled anyone not on performance enhancing drugs, straight up, and shogun didn't even flinch

reminiscent of barnett vs. couture, dig?

machida won 4 - 1 and is clearly a clean, non-juicing fighter, which makes his victory that much more impressive

I know this was discussed to death already, but a search didn't turn up any related thread, and I just rewatched it and wanted to share, thanks

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If a search didn't turn up any related thread, then you are even dumber than the rest of your post would indicate. 

I bet you think that Nelmark totally beat Tank too

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 you bring up some good points but I still think Shogun won