I've could watch this everyday. truly the most technical guy in the sport besides fedor and penn. someone needs to add his most current highlights to this.

Ryoto Machida
Uploaded by Panabas

ttt you guys don't know perfection when you see it.

great stuff, i'm adding it to my HL blog. Thanks for the find

good hl thanks for sharing....

dbl post

That's a very slick bad man right there

beat the shit out of bonnar and franklin. what he did to sam greco was simply amazing.

That HL has been around for a while. Lyoto seemed more aggressive in his earlier fights.

Who was the The older guy instructing him on the ground?

yeah I saw it over a year ago but I thought most people have not.

antonio inoki....there is video of inoki absolutely schooling wallid and goes.

the history as I know it. please correct if I am wrong.

Machida was a brazilian orphan sent to japan to train with inoki as a child.

funniest thing about allof Machidas fights is Bj Penn gave him the hardest fight of anyone

he owned Rich,Bonner and Greco...but had it tougher with the much smaller Penn

he fights with technique not just strength and speed. bj should give him the hardest fight...

tech. vs. tech.

karate is the shits. Eddie Bravo was right all along.


ya its a toss up imo...the greco fight was also tough, but i still think Penn gave him a even tougher fight

^^^ never saw the whole fight but that HL looks ugly for greco.

I hope the UFC starts promoting him more after beating Soko. He's undefeatd with wins over poster boy Rich Franklin, Stephan Bonnar, BJ Penn, Sam Hoger, and now Soko.