Machida: I will be champion again

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                                Machida: I will be champion again

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"I watch and study Jon Jones's fights thoroughly and really it's about preparing for everything. What spectacular thing is he going to do? Is he going to fly or is he going to be diving in? There's always going to be a surprise factor with Jon Jones. All you can really do is prepare for everything he might try to do. If I do that I will be ready to face whatever he is going to bring during the fight. I have been preparing and training 100-percent and I'm gonna be 100-percent the day of the fight. I am going to go in there and win and get the belt back. I will be the champion again."

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 WAR The Dragon!

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This is a fucking great fight

 I cannot wait!

I will go full retard if Machida wins!

Here's hoping!

WAR Machida! Phone Post

RickMartelsArrogance - Lyoto will be Jon's first opponent since Bonnar who wasn't mentally beaten before the fight began.

You thought Rampage was mentally defeated? I disagree. Phone Post

 Not a Machida fan anymore. I'll be rooting for Jones.

Never been more excited for a fight and to make the night better my favorite fighter is on this card as well "Frank Mir" Phone Post

I think machida's gonna catch him with that straight left counter of his IMHO Phone Post

The thing with Lyoto's straight left counter is that against an 84.5" reach opponent it's hard to land a power counter because his left hand is further back than his right hand, due to the Southpaw stance. Lyoto's best bet is to use kicks, angles, and setup the punches by making Long Bones think. Phone Post

My money's on Jones but I think what he said is spot on, "you have to prepare for everything."

behzad - The crisp cool toronto air combined with his urine filled stomach equals bad day for jon bones. Phone Post

This Phone Post

Machida will not be ruining JBJ's special night

TheDecider - Machida will not be ruining JBJ's special night

 Correct. It'll be Rashad when he enters the cage afterwards. For the third time.

behzad -  The crisp cool toronto air combined with his urine filled stomach equals bad day for jon bones. Phone Post

 I almost spit tomato soup all over my laptop.  

After seeing Machida look so human against Rampage and Shogun, I have my doubts, but I don't think Jones will stop him.  I'd say Jones likely takes it by decision.  If Rampage, who was fairly gunshy, and is known for his somewhat plodding movement lasted to rd. 3, then I don't see Bones finishing Lyoto.  

This is one of those match-ups where if the guy I wanted to win (Machida) wins, I'll  flip out and go crazy.  

Machida, you should only think about what you are going to do.
Isn't what he said kind of defeatist?

This is going to be an amazing fight.

Think this will be the first time we see jones vulnerable Phone Post

I have a feeling this is going to be a CRAZY fight. Honestly don't know who to pick. My instincts say it would be stupid to not pick Jones, but when Machida is on, he's a handful for anyone. Phone Post

Jones hasn't seen the type of speed Machida can bring to the table, he may have Jones grabbing at air all night. Jones is the favorite, but this may be a much closer fight than most think.