Machida is focused (pic)


Looks like he ate a lot of steak and chicken.

LOL @ Buffer's face

Lyoto with the suit and pissed off look looks awesome


 Looks like Dana White is even more focused...assuming of course that the scowl = focus


but effective?

damn he's been eating steak and chicken

that's alot of piss!

Machida is a great rep for the sport.

japetto - I hope he Shogun gets the w.

Me too, my S?N depends on it.

Check out Arianny face in the first pic. I think she's in love with Lyoto Machida.

AmericanPsychoMMA - LOL @ Buffer's face

LOL @ Buffer's neck

Lol at anyone sayin' Machida's been eatin' steak and chicken...the special flavour that is :)

Bring back that bacon deluxe!



inf0 -  lol @ Dana's face...

 looks like someone farted