Machida needs a more experienced/capable corner

All due respect to his Karate vice-champion, 1-1 in MMA brother, he has cornered him in all his fights and got him this far.

But Machida needs a more experienced and capable cornerman / head trainer. It took shinzo what, until the 4th or 5th round to tell Lyoto to spin off to the right? Of course we can't hear everything he told Lyoto, its clear fight strategy and adapting during the fight was a problem.

Neither corner stressed the urgency they needed to. I suppose both sides were rightfully concerned with their fighter becoming sloppy or reckless.

 the next fight won't go all 5 rounds

I agree.. Rua KO's Machida in under 3.

Tom Hanks - I agree.. Rua KO's Machida in under 3.

Machida will NEVER be KOed by a head strike.

Write that down.

He would rather die than give someone the chance to land a strike to his head.

He really is that prepared.

And I cant stand him.

He needs Anderson in his corner. Anderson walked out with him to the octagon and according to Machida @ post-fight conference, Anderson along Machida's dad lectured him on what he did wrong shortly after the  fight.


Now that Anderson has seen the Shogun's new style, he can fully emulate it in practice and make Lyoto prepared for it.

He's like a terminator. Only inferior to the russian model.

He needs Walter Sobchak in his corner.

luke cummo for the piss drinks between rounds would do him wonders and probably give him the power to beat shogun.

JakeMacho - He needs forum member insomnia in his corner to tell him about spinning to the right and all this technical striking stuff he doesn't know.

What makes you think I don't know a little fight strategy?