Machida=Not an MMA Fighter.......

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I noticed 2 things from that video.  The guy fighting earlier in the video is not the guy that fought last night. And 2, judging from the HL of the Penn fight, it looks like BJ gave him a run for his money, even with a 50lb weight disadvantage.  I also like how early the video, there is no footage of him running backwards, while at the end of the vid (Soku portion) there's all kinds of backpedaling.  All your vid did was further prove my point that Lyoto is not a risk tasker, he comes forward when knows there's nothing to fear, and backpedals when there's a chance for him to get hurt.



 enemy deserves no mercy

The point of this thread is..

Daniel LaRusso could kick Rampage, Fedor, and GSP's asses all in one night in old-school UFC tournament style.

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spending some time off the internets might be a good choice for u.

 make a point or stfu...common theme with you.

Winning is not all that matters.  If no one pays to watch your fight, you're out of a job regardless of your record.  I will not be paying to see him again.

i feel like almost at any p;oint of the fight tito could have walked out of the cage and lyoto would have did nothing to stop him. Fighters show up to fight. As a fighter if I ever fight like that some one take a gun and shoot me in the head.

He's the best around. Nothing's ever going to keep him down.

It's a pleasure to watch Machida. He has fantastic skills, great composure, and fights his fight. Plus he made Tito Ortiz his bitch, so he's a damn fine MMA fighter.

Winning is deservedly his only concern. When the Pay Per Views he fights on start failing to make money, he can worry about fighting to make sure the fans show up, until then winning is all that matters.

Man, just a few years ago I remember most of the underground forum used to laugh at point fighters and say that they would get there asses kicked in MMA. Well, all of a sudden a guy comes to mma with a karate point fighting background, that is also undefeated and all you can say is he's boring.

Lets get real here, The reason why you guys are mad is because for awhile now you guys have made it cool to bash every art that has not been represented or represented fully In MMA and now you are starting to see fighters from these so called ineffective arts winning in MMA. You guys just can't take this, so you make up stupid exscuses such as these fighters are boring, Those techniques won't work on the elite or they got lucky.

Machida is a very tecnical fighter and you know what, there are technical fighters that come from bjj, wrestling and thai boxing backgrounds to MMA. Now don't you think that it would be stupid for me to say those arts suck because there is a tecnical fighter that represents them.

Machida to me is exciting to watch because he throws alot of techniques and uses alot of strategies that has never been seen in MMA. the problem is the UFC anouncers don't notice them therefore alot of Machidas techniques and strategies go unnoticed. Thats why I feel that the UFC should get a third anouncer, One with a background in Stricking and TMA.

He won, make all the excuses all you like. Now, go back to watching tuf so you can learn everything you know about fighting all over again.
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