Machida Reflects on Controversial UFC 104 win

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                                Machida Reflects on Controversial UFC 104 win

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LOS ANGELES – Lyoto Machida was glassy-eyed and somber at the post-fight press conference for UFC 104.


He had defended his light heavyweight belt – the first time in over two years a 205-pound UFC champ had done so – but failed to deliver a performance that had brought him past accolades.


In fact, just about everyone thought he lost to Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, save for three California State Athletic Commission judges. When the judges made their call, boos echoed throughout the Staples Center.


Machida looked surprised at the decision and tried in vain to turn the crowd around with apologies. He and Rua were cordial, exchanging congratulations and a “good fight.”


Afterwards, Machida’s father Yoshizo and middleweight champion Anderson Silva lectured him on his mistakes backstage.


“They came in and told me some of the things I was doing wrong, and it’s a learning experience,” said Machida.  


The champion declined to say whether he felt he had won the fight and said the decision was not his call.


“Every time you go in there, you always want to try and make the fans happy, and it’s a little depressing when they don’t cheer for you, when they boo you,” he said.


It was the first time in Machida’s UFC career that he’d lost a round, and the first time he’d emerged from a fight with the marks to prove it. The last time that happened was when he fought B.J. Penn as a heavyweight in March 2005. That, and a few dojo battles with his brother Chizo.


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I don't think he did enough to win the belt.

fullcontactswansson - I don't think he did enough to win the belt.

What the fuck does this mean? This shit is retarded.

How many bonus points should the steelers get in the super bowl this year?

LOL @ everyone @ Zuffa and everyone else who thought Macheetah would win easy.


Brock is next to be exposed.

You build them up and then they fall down hard... so sad.

Underground News - "The champion declined to say whether he felt he had won the fight and said the decision was not his call."


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Machida should vacate.
Display this honor that is supposed to be instilled in him.
Let Dana put his money where his mouth is too as far as agreeing that Shogun was robbed.

I think the honourable thing is to have a rematch. Since when do fighters overturn judges decisions? Is there a precedent in boxing?

 Let's get Chizo in the UFC.

Shogun won, no doubt, but can't help but feel bad for Machida, he tried his best and he's getting booed for something that's not even his fault.

Going back to what SOME people are saying (and Dana White), if the fight was indeed close where it was 2 for 2, and the 1st could have gone either way, then the champion usually gets the nod. Can't say it was close and then say the challenger won. Title fights are more biased towards the champion (unless your names Forrest Griffin).

I thought Shogun won the fight pretty convincingly, you could even argue he won every round, even the 3rd, before the flurry at the end, he was still landing on Machida. Shogun even had the aggression factor for the rounds, even running right at Machida at times.

 Rogan welcomed me to the Machida era...but I wan't the fuck out.  Machida is boing as hell.

xakx - 
Underground News - "The champion declined to say whether he felt he had won the fight and said the decision was not his call."
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Wow! This quote says everything about who really won the fight. You can't claim that Machida wasn't sitting close enough.

 That was a good article

Machida Reflects on Controversial UFC 104 loss


 I certainly don't blame him and hardly think the fans booed him, just the decision.  He didn't have to go out there and beat somebody, he just had to not lose and that's what it looked like to me.  Then again, that's logic, he's got the belt, why get caught. 

Shogun looked incredible, can't say enough good things about him and he deserved the belt.  I see a rematch pretty much going the exact same way.  Shogun might stand a chance if it was a 10 or 12 round fight, seemed like he was getting the better of it as the fight went on with his leg kicks and body shots. 

Styles make fights isnt that what we always here.  I am not going to call Machida outright boring just yet, boring against Shogun, without a doubt.  But nobody else will be putting up a fight like that against Machida.  So if he fights someone else Machida by KO again.  He's only going to stop Shogun if Shogun gets sloppy.

Machida is a great champion. No excuses, just promises to perform better next time. And he will... but so will Shogun, I'm sure of it.

h2hkiller - I think this is when Machida realises what Rampage realised long ago. The fans are very fickle, and will turn on you in a second. All you can do is do your thang thang, and don't worry about making the fans happy. Keep doing your work and fuck the fans, its all about you in the octagon.
lol.. What a stupid, ghetto-inspired statement. It is actually ALL ABOUT THE FANS. Without them, as douchey as they may be, you ain't worth shit. If you aren't bringing in the dollars, your value decreases.


I wonder if the UFC will consider giving Shogun and Lyoto interim belts for what should have been a draw. I understand that draws are a huge no no in a title fight so a double interim would be cool.