Machida vs. Hoger

I just saw that Machida is slated to fight Hoger at UFC 67... this could be a great fight... or a painfully boring 15 minutes. But, I'm glad to see Ryoto finally in the UFC... him against Tito, Babalu, even Forrest will be fun to see.

hoger is a tough guy and has put on a great showing against everyone that hes fought.

this should be a very entertaining fight.

the addition of machida to the LHW division has gone relatively unnoticed & i think is a great signing

I've seen Machida fight twice now and I'm getting more anxious by the minute to see how he does in the UFC. Some people say he's kind of boring, but he's undefeated at the moment and holds wins over BJ Penn, Stephan Bonnar, and a brutal k.o. victory over Rich Franklin so he must be doing something right. The UFC did good in signing him.

Doesn't Machida also have a grappling win over Lovato Jr.?

yeah, everyone is sleeping on Machida.

this guys beaten two former UFC champs.

If Franklin wouldn't have lost to Silva, they might have hyped him up more.

Mach via vicious counter

Sam appears to be a gatekeeper in this instance.

Machida was horrifically boring in both of his last two performances, one against a B-level (at best) fighter and the other against a guy he had 40lbs on.

Hogar is actually pretty good...he gave Rashad a run for his money, Bonnar too. I don't like his personality but he's better than he gets credit for.

This is going to be a pretty good match imo...If Hoger takes this, I will be very impressed...And may even forgive him for stealing all that swag...:)

should fight at 185


"Everyone jocked him like he was the second coming the past few years, but now no one cares apparently"

That's because we've seen his recent fights and have been disappointed. Hoger is great at slowing down the action too. I figure it might look a lot like the Machida-White fight.

I was wondering if Machida was picked up in the UFC contracts from the WFA. He could be a key player in the UFC's LHW division.

The whipsmart Eskimo Assassin returns. Don't sleep on this kid, Ryoto will have his hands full! Hoger should've got the decision against Rashaad, and will submit the lackluster Brazilian. You heard it here first!!!