Machida vs. Sonnen is going down @ UFC 136

Chael wanted it...Machida said 'no problem'.  Fight is gonna happen!  This fall, reports are saying verbal agreements are in place for UFC 136 in Houston, TX.

 I think Chael's goal is to lose to the entire Blackhouse team while talking shit about what prissy bitches they are.

You're next Nog.


 BloodyElbow also has a story on it...saying fight might also happen in the Winter.  Let's wait and see...

Although Sonnen has looked better and better, that is a BAD matchup for him IMO.

Chael will get killed at 205, he is good but not good enough to move up a weight IMO.

I know he walks around bigger than 205 but still there are some big guys up there and they are also fast.

I think he could be biting off a bit more than he can chew.

Not a big fan of Machida's but I will enjoy watching him beat that cheating, lying, felony case catching, shit talking, WWE career modeled, choke artist.

After he loses this he can go get boxed up and submitted by little Nog. Then he can go up to heavyweight and get murdered by JDS.

Terraform - Chael will get killed at 205, he is good but not good enough to move up a weight IMO.

First mistake is assuming 205 isn't his 'natural cough wieight class.

He's been "killed" plenty times at 205..... 

HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sonnen all day son

Yeeeeeessssss!!!!! Phone Post

TRT vs Urine. lets see whos PEDing & whos not.

 wonder what segal will defeat chael with

I'm gonna guess a ridgehand is coming back into play here... Seagal via ridgehand.

When keeping it real goes wrong...

Machida by a flying armbar or drum technique.

Carne de cavalo é o melhor - When keeping it real goes wrong...

Win Phone Post

Interested in seeing how big a favorite Machida is, could place money on Chael if he is a big dog.

tough fight for Machida. Has he beat a top level wrestler yet?

Good fight for chael being Machida is not a big 205'er.

Hopefully Machida wins with big KO!

Funny, all this stuff with Sonnen and Brazil, I was looking at his record and he seems to have never beaten a Brazilian his whole career? 

His last three losses were all Brazilians (Filho, Maia, Silva)

The best win he has ever had over a Brazilian was his jabfest on a messed up junkie Filho. And even there he is only 1-1.

No wonder he hates Brazil so much!