Machida X Shogun 1 How did you score it and why?

Okay, after watching it live and being in utter shock at the result I finally re watched this fight.
The one thing I looked for was this. Intention to finish the fight. Apparently this is something that the UFC judges really look for with striking. Example, Shogun kicked Lyoto in the legs a zillion times, YES, I agree. But Lyoto would punch Shogun in the face alot and alot more than Shogun struck Lyoto in the face. From my understanding, punches or kicks to a fighters face shows intention to finish the fight rather than leg kicks which just cause damage.

I think Joe Rogan is awesome but did his "OOOOOOOOWWWW what a leg kick" influence the viewers decision? I don't know.
I think this fight was alot closer than people thought.

Your thoughts

An "average" fist to the face landed shows no more intent to finish a fight than a shin to the meat of the thigh.

Shogun 4 rounds to 1.

Was it an average punch to the face or was it so fast that it looked average?

aw.... good point.....


seriously though, watch it again, Lyotos punches and kicks are so damn fast that he scored but because they didn't fold Shogun over in pain, we didn't notice them as much.

I love watching Lyoto's speed, watching him fight.

Because of how he throws, tho, backing up, seemingly off-balance, he doesn't generate maximum power.
He can't bear down on them, doesn't turn them over, doesn't get his hips and serratus firing, just pops them and gets out.
Its a different style. It is fun to watch.

I don't know if Shogun will be able to reproduce that success in a 2nd fight. Maybe. Machida will make adjustments.

Watched it live and once without the Joe Rogan Effect. Had both 4-1 Shogun. I could see 3-2 Shogun but don't see a Machida win there at all.

IrishRottie - Shogun dictated the pace in every round, was the aggresor in every round, landed more strikes in every round and landed the most significant blows in 4 of the 5 rounds.

4-1 shogun.

4 - 1 shogun...

 I had it 3-2 for Shogun.

I tend to be the odd man out here but I scored 3-2Machida. The first 2 rounds were very slow paced but I felt Machida controlled the pace therefore I gave the first two. I thought Machida won the 3rd and Shogun won 4-5. I beleive that you have to take the belt from the champ Shogun never did that. He tried in the last two but it was already to late.

I think Machida will win convincingly in the re-match.

I don't think the Rogan effect really holds water in this case becuase the 20,000 or so people who saw it live without his commentary also saw this as a clear Shogun victory.  Thus the chorus of boos when they announced Machida as the winner.

3-2 for Machida

I think Machida wins the rematch too. He was surprised by Shogun the first time and now he has had time to prepare.

UFC 113 Machida VS Shogun

4-1/3-2 Shogun

Shogun 4-1 and I thought he clearly beat the Champ...unlike Griffon/Rampage where the benefit seemed to go to the challenger

I just watched the fight, with no sound.
When I first saw it I felt it was the biggest fuck job ever. Watching it without sound changes everything.

Machida won the first two rounds.
Machida's style always makes it seem like the other fighter is dictating the pace, when really he is disrupting it.
Every strike Shogun lands is glancing because Machida is constantly retreating. He back pedals and circles, lulling and luring Shogun and then on an off step he sprints into him as Shogun aggressively comes forward landing a fast 3 strike combo. They collide like two trains
In the second round Shogun lands a big knee to the body, but Machida lands one right after, coupled with the two he lands earlier in the round has me seeing him ahead.

I have Machida winning the 3rd round. He times a straight left off of a Shogun low kick at 1:39 that definitely stuns Shogun. He attacks Shogun near the end landing some shots, and then Shogun lands his big strike of the round, a flush shot to the face.

Round 4 is pretty even. I can't really see either one dominating it. I'll give it to Shogun due to his aggression in the last minute.

Round 5 is Rua. Machida lands 3 solid knees to the body. Shogun turns up the heat and starts throwing heavy hands at Machida's head. He connects with a couple of solid looping hooks and also lands more solid leg kicks as Machida isn't as fast back pedaling.

After watching it with no volume I can't believe I have Machida winning 3-2.
I'm ashamed that I let Rogan dictate how I saw the fight by putting exclamation points on all of Shogun's strikes and ignoring a lot of what Machida was doing.
My memory of the fight had Machida visibly affected by the leg strikes, but without sound it just looks like he starts to gas.

If you really feel that Shogun won (I did, no doubts) you have to watch it with no sound and be objective.

All the controversy aside, it's a great, complex fight.

One thing about watching the fight without sound is that you can't hear the impact of Shogun's kicks.
Also I don't think Machida lands anything throughout the fight of much consequence.
With that said I think Shogun could've done more to make it more conclusive. I'm sure the rematch will be more definite for who ever wins.

I did take into consideration the sound of impact not being there.
Still I think Machida won. Rick made a good point about intent to finish, the leg kicks are valid, but when Machida attacked he seemed to look to end the fight.

I think Machida landed the heavier shots. The knees he landed on Shogun were heavy. Shogun landed more strikes, most of them leg kicks.

I'm just happy there is a rematch. The fight was damn close.