Machida's response to the controversy...

"Mauricio Shogun, you is good fighter tough... tough I know. But I have confidence when you leg kick me, and answer with hard counter punch from hell. My knee hurt a little during dis fight but you walk into my left hand many times trying to my kick my leg. I know what I do, my style to counter, but you kick my leg hard to give me chance to punch you.

I was confurtable to take you leg kick and punch back many times, not like Joe Rogan saying I'm not. But you know Muricio Shogun that you walk into my hell of knee strikes trying kick my leg, but they don't say that and see only kick to my leg. That is why my belt is around my waist in the UFC because judges see my punch to you. I give you rematch, if you want try again to kick my leg but this time I kick your face with more power. This time I train a little different..I training more power and weight and I change my training for you leg kick. Before I no have training for you leg kick in my Gym. Now I have. You see my power technique in UFC octagon. After this rematch no one say I rob you. Not Joe Rogan say that again. If he does I pay for his glasses with my championship's money from dis fight, so he see the punch next time when calling my fight. Mauricio Shogun you Chute Box team, and I think the respect for you, but you not strong enough with to overcome my style which is karate from my father. I am brazil like you, but I am Japanese too, so my style of karate and my jujitsu work to make me champion. You want my champion's belt you come to kick my leg again Haha. Dis time I may rob you pockets after hitting you with knee strike and making you unconcious in the ring but I not rob you of da match."

*Spoof for those too dense to realize it


what about all the kicks to the ribs?

ughhhhhh cool story?