Machida's Upcoming Book! (PICS)

What up UG!

Just wanted to share the beginnings of an upcoming book from Victory Belt featuring Lyoto Machida. Here's handful of pics fresh from our all-day shoot yesterday down at Rigan Machado's in Redondo Beach. It was my first shoot behind the camera for Victory Belt so feel free to flame away :)

This book is gonna huge and it's gonna be awesome. We covered everything that makes his fighting style so unique and so effective, from footwork, strikes, combos, trips, groundwork, etc, etc. Honestly having seen and heard his game explained I can't help but think this guy will be champ someday. By the way Lyoto and his brother Shinzo (the dummy fighter in the pics) are GREAT people, amazingly polite and easy going

I'm really pumped to be working with Victory Belt, thanks again to beloved UGer Dioxippus for bringing me on board


^ pictured (from left to right): Erich Krauss, Lyoto Machida, Glen Cordoza, Shinzo Machida, & RuleDogg

When's the Fedor book coming out?

I gotta give props to Victory Belt. I like their big book format and Eddie's DVD. I've gotten excellent customer service there, too.


Machida's bringing karate back.

(singing like Justin Timberlake)

Good shit, for long time it looked we knew "what truely works" in MMA. Guys like Machida, Anderson Silva and Cung Le, Karo, etc... are changing what we thought we knew about MMA. Judo style throws, spinning back kicks, side kicks and other forgotten or disregarded techniques are slowly becoming more common.

Inoki taught him all of that.


Nacirema there is not a confirmed date for Fedor's book but it's coming soon. Marcelo's The X-Guard is currently being printed, Karo's book is VERY near completion, and Fedor's is next after that :)


tell me more about this karate?

greatest of all time. wait until he beats fedor! the maybe you will understand.

just ran in LM and his brother about 15mins ago... nice dude

CHINZO Machida? He needs to start fighting, he looks just like Lyoto but has a cooler name.

he's alot smaller that Lyoto... perhaps a 55lber

" tell me more about this karate?"

Machida is a JKA Shotokan blackbelt and former Point karate competitior (pan-american champion 2001)

Im not sure if he competed in the ITKF or WKF organization, but they use more or less the same rules.

"yet another victory for karate."

-Machida after his win vs Sam Hoger in UFC 67.



O yeah I think it's Shinzo with an "S" my bad

guy all the way on the right = tim sylvia's mini me

Funny how little flak these pictures are getting on this thread. Imagine how we would receive this if Machida hadn't proven his worth in MMA.

It's not like he keeps the TMA-bit only as a front for something else. (Like when someone crosstrains and calls his new, hybrid wrestling/boxing/MT something else.) He actually puts together his BJJ and MMA with real "TMA" techniques, like the footsweeps and striking.

I suppose he could write another book too, though: why he need something other than TMA to succeed in full contact and MMA. :)