Macho Man bitten by Jake's snake (video)

This was crazy!

Wrestling was great then. And still is. Can't wait for RAW tonight.

Im watching Survivor Series 1991 and it kicked off recapping this event. Oh wow. Incredible. Jake and Macho both legends.

Information - LOL WTF

Not funny


Thanks Cav. You da bomb.

Jake got bit by his snakes all the time. The WWF would swap out the snake every 6 weeks or so on the road until it got sick and bring him a new healthy one. He had little to no input on that front.

Used to love the Dragon and the Brutus the Barber Beefcake

I always liked Jake but what he did to Miss Elizabeth at her wedding party is irreprehensible.

Haha. I remember watching that. Vu.

I dont watch wresting anymore but I remember that whole segment! Very well done and really established Robert the Snakeman as a top heel at the time .. If i remember correctly he was supposed to feud with the ultimate warlord but they changed it after warlord was fired at wrestlemania 8 Phone Post 3.0

LOL could you imagine that being on TV today. Animal rights people would lose their mind.

Vu, I remember watching that too. He had the Boa/Python for a long time. I forget but someone supposedly killed it(maybe Yokozuna?)

Earthquake kills Damien

That snake is a badass.
Why was Jake wearing a glove? Did he have a hawk or eagle, too?
Those were the days.

Crazy stuff! Phone Post 3.0

Holy shit, I haven't seen that since I was a kid! I remember crying cuzz I thought Macho Man was going to die lol. I'm gonna make my wife watch that tonight. Phone Post 3.0

VU ! I was a big fan of both macho man and jake

Although the cobra didn't have venom or teeth , pretty shocking vid for young kids

That is why you see vids all over Facebook of African kids slapping around or playing w Cobras , it's because they've had their teeth taken out and as well as the venom Phone Post 3.0

Lmao. That was awesome!!! Phone Post 3.0

Awesome! That shot at the end with Jake and the Snake looking on at them leaving is awesome too. They're almost in the same pose Phone Post 3.0

MUCK OF AVARICE Phone Post 3.0