Mackinac bridge in the winter.

This is what it looks like under good conditions.


it just gets worse from there.








Fuck all of that

People have nightmares about bridges like that.

My wife wouldn't be able to cross it if she was driving, and if she was a passenger she'd need to have her eyes closed and headphones on.

Fuck that shit. It’s supposed to be 80 here today. I’ll stick with this.

typical winter day, this is considered good conditons. 



Moves up to 30 total feet from what i hear. Looks like the normal wyoming winter conditions. 

I drove an RV over that bridge in the summer and I was tensed up. No way I would do it in the snow

There are some canyon roads in CA that are scary if you're scared of heights.

I've only been up that way once during the winter. I can't imagine having to make that drive on a daily basis.

My parents took us across that bridge one time in winter while on a trip to visit family. It was nuts. I've been over in summer a number of times, but it's a whole different beast in winter.