Macon, Ga fights Friday

I just wanted to see who all is going to the fights in Macon, Georgia this Friday February 6th. I will be there and would love to meet some fellow forum members. It should be a fun night of fights.

Tripp Owings



Below is the scheduled card:

145 under 4 man

1.Cole Miller - AFA (GA)

2.Daizo Ishige - U.S. Taido (GA)

3.Phillip Peterson - Richard Trammell's Fitness (AL)

4.Harris Norwood - Eagle Kickboxing (GA)

155 under single

1. Chad Shaffer - HardCore Gym (GA)

2.Andrew Castongia - Family Martial Arts Center (GA)

170 under single

1.Trey Brown -AFA (GA)

2. James Joiner - Independent (TN)

170 under single

1. Blake Barber - AFA (GA)

2. Camron Wilshire - Richard Trammell's Fitness (GA)

170 under single

1. Junior Assuncao - LA Boxing (GA)

2. Brendan Dumont - U.S. Taido (GA)

185 under

1.Walt Davis - Andy Foster (GA)


200 Under

Sid Beck - Triad/ Eagle Karate (GA)

Tom Nguyen - La Boxing (GA)

221 up 4 man

1.Tim Miller - AFA (GA)

2.James Faye - Self (GA)

3. William Waite - Independent (GA)

4. Jimmy Jennings - Independent (GA)

Single Grappling Bout

Dee McGlamry - AFA (GA)


Tonja Ivanovic - LA Boxing (GA)

Single Bout

Skip Hall (Al)


Evin Rohrbaugh - AFA (GA)

Single Bout

James Thorpe - La Boxing (GA)


Chris Herring - GorillaNation (NC)

If you have any questions please contact the promoter at or call 478-475-1092. The Submission Fighting Open is GA's longest running mixed martial arts promotion and has been in effect since 1997. Owned and operated by Gauntlet Productions, the same company that brings you The Gauntlet Trials Southeastern Regional MMA qualifiers, the SFO is the premier showcase for up and coming talent in the southeastern region of the U.S.

*Fight card is subject to change.

I want to say congrats to my friend James Thorpe for an impressive win. Also want to say it was nice you meet BJJfighterchick, Tonja, Congrats on your win in your grappling match as well.

Tripp Owings

Thanks Tripp. It was a great learning experence for me. Hopefully Dee and me can do it agian..
Later Tonja

Does anyone know how Andrew Castongia or Phillip Peterson did in their fights? Two good guys that I hope did well.

Andrew lost in 2min. As soon as the fight hit the ground he was dominated by a better grappler.

Thanx Adam!

That sucks to hear. Did he lose by submission or strikes?

I think he was caught in an arm bar.

Thanx Tonja.


Way to go Chad!

I could not get anyone to come on this thread before and now everyone posts on it. I would also like to congratulate my friend Chad Schaffer on his impressive debut in MMA as well with his armbar win in under 2 minutes in round 1.